Before our son Michael went missing January 2006 I had no idea how many people went missing in our province.  There are  over 7000 people missing in Canada but we usually only hear about them if it is a child and I can honestly say that a missing young man does not stay in the top news for long.
Michael went missing at age 25, January 10 2006 from Kelowna BC. Sometimes I think I see him driving or strolling across an intersection. Mike had a distinct walk I thought but apparently a lot of young men his age walk the same way. I am going to start listing all the missing people of BC (that are still missing) by the year. This will be ongoing and if you know of someone who is missing or has been found please let me know.  There are several other categories including On-Going Missing Stories and Random Thoughts of a Mother.  I will try to keep this site updated for the Missing of BC. When I post a missing person on this site they have been missing for more than a few days.

Currently there is no DNA Data Base of all the Missing People of Canada and there are over 600 unidentified remains in Coroner’s offices from all over our Country. There is a DNA data base for unsolved crimes however and in that data base there is over 50,000 DNA samples.  Judy Peterson’s daughter Lindsey went missing in 1993 and she has been searching for answers since.  Judy started an online petition to for a DNA Data Bank for all the Missing People of Canada. Several times a petition was presented to our Government only to be turned down. Unfortunately now only hard copies can be presented to the House of Commons. But please sign the on-line petition, it still shows support for a National DNA Data Base for the Missing People of Canada….