May 25 is National Missing Children’s Day


It’s a parent’s worst nightmare…your child is missing and there is no reasonable explanation for their disappearance. In an instant your life is altered forever. As time moves forward there is less and less media coverage but for the parents of a missing child the nightmare continues for the rest of their lives.

Two years ago our daughter Sarah ran the Marathon of Hope in Victoria BC and raised almost $3000.00 for the Missing Children Society of Canada. Sarah ran the marathon in honor of her brother Michael who went missing at the age of 25 on January 10, 2006 from Kelowna BC. The Marathon was a very emotional day for our family but also was a healing process as we watched Sarah run and encouraged her from the side lines. Sarah’s oldest brother Dan (our son) and Sarah’s boyfriend Trevor ran the last kilometre of the Marathon and crossed the finish line with her.

This year Sarah is running again on October 7, 2012  and her brother Dan will run the 42.2 kms with her in honor of their missing brother Mike. Sarah is hoping to raise even more than the almost $3000.00 she raised two years ago for the Missing Children Society of Canada.

Please see the link to the Missing Children’s Society of Canada – Girl on a Mission –  http://www.mcsc.ca/third-party-fundraising  This is a very worthwhile cause and Missing Children Society of Canada has helped thousands of families over the years.


Parents of Missing Children – The Living Victims (Video from Quebec Canada)


This video shows interviews with families of missing children. It’s heartbreaking to watch and as a mother of a missing child  I can relate to the pain the parents are living with. The families of the missing children are fighting to keep the missing cases in the public eye. When someone  goes missing its big news but as time goes on the news fades away but the heartache for the families with a missing child never fades. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ROGQvjPBll8&feature=share

Mothers Day is Never the Same when your Child is Missing


Mothers Day for a mother of a missing child is bitter-sweet.  The cherished memories of past Mothers Day comes with the pain of knowing your child has disappeared. When your child is missing a part of you is missing,  and any special day brings special memories with special heartache. This will be my 6th Mothers Day since our son Michael went missing. I am thankful for my other children and my grandchildren but there is always a certain emptiness on any day when the family is together. I know that will never change. It was the love of my children and grandchildren that helped me put one foot in front of the other and carry on, even though Mike was missing. It doesn’t matter how many children you have, they each have a special place in your heart and that part of your heart is broken to pieces when your child goes missing.

This year I will fondly look back to the many Mothers Days of the past, knowing the bittersweet pain will be there as well.  I remember my sweet little children with their small pudgy fingers presenting me hand-made cards and I’m sure many mothers were given the little paper mache hand imprints of their young child. I still have each one of these cards and hand imprints…

The rush of meeting my new-born babies for the first time was the most incredible exhilarating moment in my life and I was overwhelmed by the love I was capable of. Suddenly my life had purpose. When my children were young I felt like a mother hen as I proudly showed off my brood, fiercely protective of my little ones. I watched with wonderment and awe as my children grew and matured, first step, first tooth, swimming lessons, riding a bike without training wheels,first day of school, printing their first word, first job, driving lessons ….  These and many other memories I will hold near and dear to me as Mothers Day draws near.

This Mothers Day there will be many mothers who have a child missing and for some this will be their first Mothers Day without their child. Sadly a day that has so many fine memories becomes a day you dread. I will be thinking of the many (too many) Mothers of a Missing Child and I hope that the memories of past Mothers Day will be of some comfort. Even though your child is missing you are still the mother of your child, the love is still there …that will never change.

Family is Forever

Michael Dunahee Missing for 21 Years today from Victoria BC


On March 24, 1991 four-year old Michael Dunahee went missing from a playground in Victoria BC. It was big news as the media followed the search and anguish that the family of Michael endured as the days turned in weeks, then months and now it has been 21 years today that Michael has been missing. At the time of Michael’s disappearance he was wearing a Teenage Mutant Ninja T-Shirt and I remember that really hit home to me because my boys were big fans of the Teenage Mutant Ninjas.

Thinking of the Dunahee family today as they endure this heartbreaking anniversary date.

Remember it can be the smallest tip or information that could solve this mystery. Crime Stoppers is a great way to remain anonymous….


Family of 11 year- old Kathryn Mary Herbert, are still looking for answers 36 years later

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Katheryn went missing in September 1975 while walking home from a friend’s house in Abbotsford BC. The family began a frantic search for the little girl but sadly six weeks later Katheryn’s body was found in a field on the Matsqui first nation. An autopsy report revealed she had suffered a fractured skull and broken jaw. No one has ever been charged with this horrific murder.

An anonymous donor has now offered a $10,000.00 reward for the information of Katheryn murder. Hopefully someone, somewhere, will remember something from 36 years ago. Shari Greer, Kathryn’s mother says “There is no shelf-life for grief. It can come up and hit you in between the eyes  when you least expect it. It’s always there, it’s always present. There is no such thing as closure. Only resolution.”

Shari Greer has an amazing Garden or Tears Time Line Video. It truly shows a mothers heartache:



Free Child Protection Kits offered in Penticton BC this Weekend

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What a great idea! Penticton Community Policing are offering free identification kits for children this weekend. “It’s something nobody ever wants to have to dig out, but if your child ever does go missing, it can help bring closure to the case,” said Jim Porteous, Penticton safety co-ordinator. “It is a record that the parent can have available so that if their child should go missing, it can be a starting point for police to start tracking them.”

The volunteers will be taking finger prints to give to the parents to and are advising to put a recent picture and a sample of the childs in  a safe place  with the finger prints. If the worst thing can happen and your child goes missing this information can save a lot of time and time is precious when a child goes missing. The first 48 hours are crucial in all missing persons cases.

I have looked around on the internet and there are many kind of kits that are available for anyone that would like to have one and most are very reasonable. I know I will be hunting one down for my grandchildren….

Hats off to the Volunteers for Citizens on Patrol in Penticton!



A Tip – No Matter How Small – Is always Welcome when you have a Missing Loved One

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There is never a day that goes by that the family of a  missing loved one doesn’t  think about them and wonder what could have possibly happened. Your senses are constantly on alert for any information that could explain your loved one’s disappearance. The family tree has a broken branch, and you are desperate to repair it somehow. Only after your loved one has gone missing do you realize just how many people vanish and how many families are living with the Heartache, Helplessness, Horror, all mixed with a bit of Hope and a lot of Hell!

This past week was a very difficult one for the family of Lindsey Jill Nicols. Lindsey  has been missing for over  18 long years  and her family would desperately like some answers.The family  had some hope they would get some answers when a tip about Lindsey’s disappearance was received after a News Conference in September. RCMP and forensics identification specialist searched a property in the small community of Royston on Vancouver Island where Lindsey went missing eighteen long years ago. The  current owners of the property were co-operative with the investigation and search. Unfortunately there was no new evidence found.

Lindsey’s mother, Judy Peterson, said in a news release, “This has been a very difficult week, but it means so much to our family that so  much effort went into following up on this tip. We are so very grateful to the person who had the courage to come forward with  this information. I only hope that anyone who can add anything about Lindsey’s  disappearance would do the same.”

Judy Peterson has been very vocal about the fact that there is currently no data base for Missing People of Canada. There is a Data Base for Missing Criminals however. My husband and I gave our DNA several years after our son Mike went missing and it has been checked a few times when unidentified remains were found in the Okanagan area. But what about the remains that are found somewhere else in Canada? Currently there are over 7000 people missing in Canada. That is the size of a small town! There are over 600 unidentified human remains in Coroners offices across Canada. Judy has started a petition to get the DNA of all the missing people of Canada in a Data Base. If you have not signed this yet, please take the time to read this http://www.gopetition.com/petition/41301.html  The hardest part for the family with a missing loved one is the Not Knowing……
Read more: http://www.theprovince.com/news/Fresh+proves+fruitless+family+girl+missing+years/5838525/story.html#ixzz1g9WXOftG

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