Body Found on Bowen Island, BC May 18,2012 UPDATE Body has been identified and family notified


Police are investigating a body found on Bowen Island. Police advise the death seems to be suspicious and are investigating “An autopsy will be required to confirm details such as victim identification,  cause of death and how long the body has been there. Until we can obtain these  results there will remain some unanswered questions,” says Sgt. Jennifer Pound.

Hopefully the public is advised when the body is identified. Thinking of all the families with a missing loved one….
Read it on Global News:  Global BC | Body found on Bowen Island


Bad Idea Wally Oppal – Participating in a Serial Killer Movie – No Respect for the Families of the Murdered Women


I was shocked to hear that Wally Oppal participated in a movie about a serial killer when he is one of the key players in the inquiry of the murdered and missing women of Vancouver. It shows lack of respect for  the family members that have lost a love one to the disgusting pig farmer. What was he thinking? How can he seriously justify that? I know he is entitled to his own time but this was just in bad taste. As if this inquiry wasn’t a enough of a fiasco. I can’t even begin to imagine the horrors that these family members have to live with, and then to have the head of the inquiry participate in a movie with a serial killer? What the heck were you thinking Wally? http://www.theprovince.com/news/Missing+Women+commissioner+Wally+Oppal+gets+cameo+role+movie+about+serial/6561139/story.html

Arrest made in Connection with the Murders of Tyeshia Jones and Karrie Ann Stone Duncan,BC UPDATE William Elliot, 24, has been charged with two counts of murder


RCMP have announced they have arrested a person responsible for the murder of 18-year-old Tyeshia Jones and 42-year-old Karrie Ann Stone. Karrie was murdered the summer of 2010 and Tyeshia was found dead January 2011, after she had been missing for seven days. RCMP advise there will be a press conference Saturday April 21, 2012 in the Duncan Fire Hall. http://hqcampbellriver.com/home/news/Local/12/04/20/Arrest-made-in-Duncan-women-s-murders

RCMP advise they have a good idea where Natasha Montgomery’s body may be

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Recently there was a body found in Prince George and at first there was much speculation this could be Natasha Montgomery’s body, but it has been identified as a Male and RCMP do not suspect foul play. The family of the unidentified male are being notified but the public may never know the identity.

RCMP released at statement that they have received several tips of where Natasha’s body could be and in a few weeks will be searching the area when the snow has melted. Natasha went missing September 2010 from Prince George and last year Cody Alan Legebokoff, age 21 was charged with four murders including Natasha’s but her body has never been located. I’m sure this news that the RCMP may know where Natasha’s body is will be bitter-sweet for her family and friends. The next few weeks will be very hard for all involved and thoughts are with Natasha’s family and friends…..

The Importance of DNA is shown with the arrest of the Murderer of Taylor Van Deist

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The DNA that was found at the crime scene of Taylor Van Deist murder in Armstrong BC was a match for a Sexual assault that took place in 2005 in Kelowna BC, six years earlier. But the DNA of the murderer was not in the Criminal DNA Data Bank so police could only say it was the same person in both crimes but were unable to identify the person.

So how did they finally get a match without the identity of the criminal in the Criminal DNA Data Bank? It has been suggested that it was a case of partial DNA data match, which means that the criminal is related to a criminal in the DNA in Criminal Data Bank. This is called familial DNA searching, which is not legally allowed in Canada at the present moment. Now why would something like this that is so helpful to find the criminals not be allowed in Canada? Because of the privacy laws is what it boils down to!

Why is Canada not using the DNA to its full potential. Currently there is no DNA Data Bank for the many missing people of Canada. Obviously each person that is missing could have DNA on file, even if it is familial DNA .

My heart breaks for Taylor’s family and friends and cannot even begin to imagine the horror that they are living with every day, but I’m sure it is a comfort to know that the murderer has been caught.



RCMP will be holding a Press Conference regarding the Murder of Taylor Van Diest UPDATE RCMP Have charged Two Men with Taylor’s Murder

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RCMP will be releasing more details to the public on Thursday April 5 ,2012 at 1 PM regarding the investigation of the murder of 18-year-old Taylor Van Diest. Taylor was murdered on October 31, 2011 in the town of Armstrong BC. The press release will be held in Armstrong.

Police did advise several months after the murder the man who committed the murder of Taylor was also responsible for the sexual assault of an employee of an escort service in Kelowna. Police were able to confirm this by the DNA that was found at both scenes. The DNA sample is not contained in a known-offender bank but in the unsolved crimes DNA bank and that is how the match was confirmed. The sexual assault of the escort never made the news but was reported to the RCMP.

Hopefully this unsolved murder will be solved soon. I’m sure tomorrow will be a very hard day for the family and friends of Taylor…



UPDATE: Murder Charges are Laid against two men http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2012/04/05/taylor-van-diest-foerster-halloween_n_1407011.html

Natasha Montgomery has been declared Dead – Her family is still searching for her body


Natasha went missing in September 2010 from Prince George BC and although Natasha’s body has not been located the RCMP have laid murder charges against 21-year-old Cody Legebokoff. Natasha’s family is desperate to find her body so they can give her a proper burial and start the healing process for the whole family. The lack of closure is what the families of missing loved ones all suffer from. As well as a loving daughter, Natasha is a much-loved and missed mother and friend to many. Natasha’s family released the following statement after the family has a smudging ceremony which is intended to help people set aside negativity and bring a pure heart to the occasion before them:

“Today we came here to pray and smudge the apartment where we lost our beloved Natasha. The loss of Natasha has had a very devastating impact on our family. It is hard enough to accept the fact she is gone, let alone not having the ability to lay her to rest. We need her back to help in our family’s healing process. We feel like we are being tormented by Cody because he is not giving her back. Her children have been emotionally scarred. As they grow older they will learn what has really happened to their mother. It’s hard to answer the questions they ask now, they know their mother has passed and that she is still missing. This is a nightmare our family is reliving on a daily basis. We wake up every morning wondering if today is the day she is found, is today the day Cody loses his power over our family! I urge the public to come forward with any tips they have small or big on Cody’s activities prior to his arrest! No information is too small; it may lead us to Natasha! Our hearts go out to the Maas family, the Leslie family and the Stuchenko family.  You are not alone in this horrifying journey we have all had to endure! No one deserves this; our loved ones didn’t deserve this! He preyed on their vulnerability!”



Police are asking all hunters, hikers and anyone who explores the Northern BC area to keep an eye out for the body of Natasha. Three other victims of the murderer accused of killing Natasha were found on just off of gravel roads  outside the city limits.


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