Oliviene BOURKE, 82, Missing March 6, 2013, Penticton, BC UPDATE Sadly Oliviene has been found deceased

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olivene_bourkeOliviene was last seen near the intersection of Skaha Lake Road and the Channel Parkway in Penticton BC on March 6. Since then RCMP have found personal items of Oliviene`s in the River Channel.



High Risk Sex Offender, Donald Bakker, Realeasd May 31, 2012, now residing in Abbotsford, BC

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Abbotsford police have issued a warning that Donald Bakker, a convicted sex tourist, with a high risk to re-offend has moved into Abbotsford. Donald originally moved to Penticton after he was released on May 31, 2012 after serving almost seven years for sexually assaulting sex-trade workers in Vancouver and video taping the assaults. He was also convicted of sexually abusing seven Cambodian girls between the ages of seven to 14. Donald was given a sentence of 10 years but only served 7 years because of  “time served” while waiting for his trial. The people of Penticton were disgusted when Donald was moved into their community and eventually he had not place to live and turned himself into the RCMP.

I don’t think there is any community that would welcome a High Risk Sex Offender like Donald Bakker.

High Risk Sex Offender, Donald BAKKER, 48, Released May 31, 2012, Penticton, BC

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The RCMP have issued a public warning about Donald Baker who was released from prison and now living in Penticton, BC. Donald received a ten-year sentence in 2005 for sexual assault causing bodily harm, sexual assault and seven counts of invitation to sexual touching. RCMP advise Donald is a high risk to re-offend sexually and is a threat to females 18 years and younger and Sex Trade Workers.

Donald Restrictions are as follows:

  • You shall have no contact with anyone under the age of 18.
  • You shall not attend a public park or public swimming area where persons under the age of 18 years are present or can reasonably be expected to be present, or a daycare center, school ground, playground, camping ground, trailer park or area where children under the age of 18 years are known to congregate.
  • You shall not be in any contact with any sex trade workers.
  • You are not to have any pornography or pornographic material in your possession or in your residence.
  • You shall not own, possess or access any personal computer or electronic devices inclusive of a cellular phone capable of accessing the internet.
  • You shall not possess any cameras, video cameras or devices capable of capturing visual images or audio recordings.
  • You are not to possess any weapons.
  • You shall not possess any tool or device that can be used for the purposes of restraint including duct tape, straps, rope or wire unless specifically required for on-site employment.
  • You shall not be outside your residence between the hours of 11:00 pm and 6:00 am daily except for the purposes of employment and with the prior written permission from the Bail Supervisor

Richard John TURLEY,58, Convicted Sex Offender has moved to Pentiction BC, 2012


Richard was a former Scout Leader who has been convicted of many sexual assaults against young boys, including a kidnapping of a 11 year-old boy in California in 1975. He was arrested for the kidnapping and sexual assault of the boy and sent to State Hospital as “mentally disordered sex offender.” Richard served 18 months and was then released and told to move back to Canada. In 1979 he began living in Victoria BC and joined the Scouts there. He kept his house filled with ice cream, candy, alcohol and porn. Richard had many children in his house over the years including Scouts and molested many of them!  He was finally arrested in 1995 and charged with four molestations but admitted later there were dozens more. Richard served five years in prison and seven years of long-term supervised parole,which was completed in 2009.

Richard was interviewed by CBC while he was living in Alberta after serving his time and completing his probabion: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/story/2011/10/20/scouts-turley-pedophile-list.html

Now that he has completed his probation Richard can live where he chooses and  moved to Penticton BC a few month ago. Because Richard has completed his full probation the RCMP do not have to warn the public!  Luckily enough several people have come forward to the Penticton Herald Newspaper who has done a story about this convicted Sex Offender.



Free Child Protection Kits offered in Penticton BC this Weekend

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What a great idea! Penticton Community Policing are offering free identification kits for children this weekend. “It’s something nobody ever wants to have to dig out, but if your child ever does go missing, it can help bring closure to the case,” said Jim Porteous, Penticton safety co-ordinator. “It is a record that the parent can have available so that if their child should go missing, it can be a starting point for police to start tracking them.”

The volunteers will be taking finger prints to give to the parents to and are advising to put a recent picture and a sample of the childs in  a safe place  with the finger prints. If the worst thing can happen and your child goes missing this information can save a lot of time and time is precious when a child goes missing. The first 48 hours are crucial in all missing persons cases.

I have looked around on the internet and there are many kind of kits that are available for anyone that would like to have one and most are very reasonable. I know I will be hunting one down for my grandchildren….

Hats off to the Volunteers for Citizens on Patrol in Penticton!



High Risk Sex Offender, James Allan PIKE, Released December 21, 2011

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James Pike, who was convicted of a sexual assault in the Okanagan, is out on statutory release and will be living in Vancouver BC. James attacked a woman in  2003 while she was walking down a street in Penticton BC. He choked her and dragged her behind a building and raped her. James was also convicted of weapons possession  and stalking a woman while carrying a switch blade. Police have advised he is at a high risk to re-offend against adult women.


Ian VISSERS, 46, Missing November 26, 2011, Penticton BC

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Ian walked away from the Penticton Regional Hospital Emergency ward while being admitted under the Mental Health Act but left the hospital November 26,2011 and his family and friends have not heard from him since. Interior Health insists that they reported Ian missing November 26, but he was not reported as missing until December 13, 2011, 17 DAYS LATER! I would be curious to see the date on the police report as Ian is not listed as missing on the RCMP web site! Again it seems like someone with a Mental Health Issue does not get the response the way they should when they go missing. Ian disappearance should have been released to the press immediately. The RCMP say that Ian may have made his way to Vancouver…another reason his disappearance should have been known to the public!

Ian is sometimes known as “Mesusela”



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