Burnaby foreshore

Burnaby foreshore (Photo credit: Wanderin' Weeta)

Dean McEwen was reported missing from the Burnaby General Hospital on February 4, 2012. The Burnaby RCMP put out a press release asking for the publics help in locating Dean. I never saw this press release and I look pretty hard for any information about missing people in BC. Once again this shows how badly a Central Missing Person Data Base is needed for BC.

On Tuesday February 14, 2012 Police started getting calls about a man slashing tires, some people even took cell phone videos. Police eventually arrested Dean later that night.

I searched on Burnaby RCMP Website and did find a news release about Dean McEwen but have not seen any information in the media about this missing man. The News Release advised that Dean McEwan is dangerous and should not be approached. How was this not big news?

Since then the News release has been removed….