Tom BILLINGS, 22, Missing November 25, 2013, Vancouver BC

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tom billingsTom is a British tourist who has been travelling all over the world. Tom’s friends and family advise it is out of character for him to have no contact with anyone and are very concerned for his well-being. Tom enjoys hiking and had mentioned he wanted to go for a hike in the Vancouver area including the North Shore Mountains. There was search of the North Shore area and although there were foot prints found that were the size of Tom’s no other signs were found and the search was called off. Vancouver Police advise they are continuing to receive tips and are actively searching for Tom. My heart breaks for his family who are in England.


$25,000.00 Reward Offered for Information of the Disappearance of Kevin VALENTYNE, 24, Missing from Vancouver BC since January 7, 2013


RewardThe family of Kevin Valentyne are offering a reward for information on the disappearance of Kevin from Vancouver on January 7, 2013. Kevin’s family are desperate for some answers. If you know anything about Kevin Valentyne please let the family know. The hardest part about having a loved one go missing is the unknown. It’s hard because life  keeps on moving forward and you are stuck, desperate for some answers. People expect you to be continuing on with your life but everything about your life has changed. Kevin’s family and friends lives have changed forever…. birthdays, anniversaries, any special occasion will always have that missing feeling. I would imagine that even if you lose someone you care about to death you have that missing feeling but when someone you love is actually missing it is hard to completely grieve, because you also want to be hopeful. That is one thing a family with a missing loved has is hope. I hope Kevin’s family and friends get some answers soon.

Sex Trade Worker Attacked March 4, 2013, Vancouver, BC UPDATE Michael Edward Farley Arrested


police lineA 42 year old sex trade worker was picked up by a balding white man with a dark tan and Australian accent in downtown Vancouver BC. The woman was driven to a secluded area where she was tied up and beat. Some how the woman was able to  free herself and jumped out of the White Van but ended up getting dragged down the road before she managed to escape. I can only imagine how horrifying this must have been for the woman. The Down Town Eastside of Vancouver is the same area where there were many women went missing for years before a serial killer was caught.

The woman ended up in the hospital with serious head injuries and lots of cuts and bruises.

Vancouver Police advise there have not been reports of this happening but are warning all the Street Workers to be very careful. Hopefully this guy is caught and soon!

Please contact the Vancouver Police if you have any information regarding the identity of this creep!

Vancouver Police Major Crime Section  (604) 717-2541

Crime Stoppers  and you will remain anonymous –   (800) 222-8477.

UPDATE Michael Edward Farley has been arrested and charged with Aggravated sexual assault causing bodily harm, sexual assault, assault, kidnapping, overcoming resistance by choking to committ a sexual assault, administering a noxious substance and uttering threats. Certainly hope this guy is going away for a while.

Kevin VALENTYNE, 24, Missing January 7, 2013, Vancouver, BC


Kevin ValKevin was last seen on January 7, 2013 at around 2 PM getting out of his car in  Vancouver, BC.  Kevin`s family and friends are very concerned for his well-being. If you know where Kevin could be please contact the Vancouver Police or Crime Stoppers.


Scott Korry, 36, Missing April 1, 2010, Vancouver, BC

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Scott was last seen family members  March 2010 in Vancouver BC


High Risk Sex Offender Mervin WALKUS, 35, Missing July 24, 2012, from Halfway House, Vancouver, BC

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Mervin was staying at halfway house in Vancouver BC and failed to return after a day pass. Police advise Mervin is a high risk to re-offend. I have looked but cannot find a press release when Mervin was released. If he is such a high risk to re-offend shouldn’t the public be notified? Quite often the public is not notified of a convicted high risk sex offender living in the area until he is missing.


High Risk Sex Offender, James Maldoon, 61, Getting Released and Living in Vancouver, BC

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The Vancouver City Police have issued a warning that James Maldoon will be getting released from Prison and living in Vancouver, BC. Police advise James is a significant risk to the safety of adult females. The Correctional Service of Canada has assessed Muldoon as a high risk to re-offend both sexually and violently.


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