Finally its seems that the parole board is getting some common sense and Scott Ian Mackay has been denied parole after serving his full 25 year sentence for the rape and murder of 20-year-old Marguerite Telesford. The parole board advised that after serving 25 years in prison he remains too high of risk to society to be released. So does that means that these high risk sex offenders that are released almost weekly in the many towns of BC and across Canada do not have to be released after serving their full term for their crimes? How many times haven’t heard the warning on the News or read the warning on-line or in the local paper that the Criminal being released poses a significant risk to the public most often women or young children? This jail that this loser was serving time in is in Prince George BC, so why are all these other high risk sex offenders across Canada being released?

Marguerite Telesford, age 20, went missing January 18, 1987 while jogging in Victoria BC. Marguerite’s body has never been found and the only evidence at the crime scene was puddles of blood,,some hair, a crowbar and a shotgun shell. Scott was convicted because Police found a blue pompom that was wedged underneath his pickup. The police believe that Marguerite fought back and that’s when Scott ran her over and then shot her. Scott had already served over a decade for sexual assaults. As a matter of fact he was out on bail for one sex charge against a sex worker when he was charged with another. obviously he must have been released again because Marguerite was killed after that! It looks like the revolving door of our justice system has been ongoing for sometime. I am happy to see that this piece of work will be kept behind bars for now but can’t understand why so many High Risk Sex Offenders get so many chances to  be released over and over to ruin more lives.  I can’t help but wonder if some of these “High Risk Offenders” have anything to do with the many people are disappearing across Canada

RIP Marguerite