Eric BRETT, 50, Missing December, 2005, Nanaimo, BC

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ericEric was last seen at the Nanaimo Hospital around midnight. He was being treated for Mental Health issues at the time. There are many people who have gone missing while suffering from Mental Health. The RCMP advise there was a possible sighting at Port Place Mall but there has been no sign of Eric since then. Eric’s family is desperate for some answers.


Belinda CAMERON, 46, Missing May 2005, Victoria BC

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Belinda also goes by the name Engen has been missing since May 2005. Belinda suffers from Mental Health Issues and substance abuse.

Patrick Neil Cottrell, 29, Missing December 2005, Namaimo BC

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Patrick was last seen the end of 2005  but was not reported missing until 2006. Police believe that Patrick may be a victim of foul play as he was a known drug dealer and had served some time in jail for his crimes.  Patrick was in a bad motorcycle accident and ended up in a wheel chair. Shortly after Patrick was released from the hospital he disappeared.


KEVIN SILUCH,42, Missing December 2005, Vancouver BC


Kevin was arrested December 3 2005 and once he was released Kevin disappeared. I am not able to find out why he was arrested. http://vpdreleases.icontext.com/2006/01/25/missing-person/

Richard Deren,58, Missing March 2005, Vancouver BC

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Richard’s family and friends have said that it is very unusual for him to not have contact and disappear.  They would like some answers

Tamara Lynn CHIPMAN, 22, Missing September 2005, Price Rupert BC

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Tamara is one of many young woman who have gone missing in this area.  There is a site http://www.highwayoftears.ca/ that list a lot of missing woman


Mary Madeline GEORGE Missing July 2005 Prince George

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Mary was walking to the local mall when she went missing.  Her family says that she suffers from amnesia and depression.  Unable to find out the age of Mary. http://www.nampn.org/cases/george_mary.html

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