It has been a year since I started this blog and I was going to list all the people that have gone missing in BC for 2011 but have decided I will list everyone that has gone missing since 2000. These are the people that are still missing and each one of these missing persons has someone that would some like answers to their disappearance. At the end of Next Year I will use this same list and update it and hopefully some of these missing people have been found. If you know of someone that I have listed that has been found please let me know or if you know of someone who is missing please contact me. My email address is

Since 2000 147 people have gone missing in BC and never been found. This does not include the thousands of people that have gone missing and have been found one way or another because when I started this blog I only recorded the people that were still missing. Each year  the list of the missing grows longer! At first I was going to remove the posting once the person was found but too often people are not reported as found. I have removed several postings of people that no longer have any media that links properly,their RCMP missing page is blank and there has been nothing mentioned in the news about this found missing person. This means they have  been located but the public does hear about it one way or the other. I had one person contact me and ask to have her sister’s name removed as missing and found safe as she was embarrassed by all the publicity and of course I removed the name. Out of the 147  people that have gone missing since 2000, there are 56 men age 35 years and younger that have disappeared.   The Year 2011 therer were 203 people  reported missing in BC (that I am aware of).   90 people were found safe in 2011, this includes several people that were arrested or returned to a mental health facility, and one young child –  25 were found deceased and 44 remain missing to date. There was 17 men under the age 35 that went missing… vanished, in 2011.

In August 2011 there was a foot found in a downtown marina in Vancouver BC. This is a total of 12 feet that have been found in the waters of West Coast since 2007. Only four of the feet found have been identified.

Here is the list of people that are still missing in BC as of today. I know it would be better with a picture of each person and if I can figure our how to that I will. Each one these missing people has loved ones that would like some answers:

Year 2000

  1. Glen FRY
  2. Sheilagh Colman

Year 2001

  1. Karamjeet Gill
  2. Bree Carlson
  3. Gordon Fowlie
  4. Robert Meagher
  5. Jesokah Adkens
  6. Martin Balfour
  7. Jody Denis

Year 2002

  1. Raymond Kohout
  2. Heather Ross
  3. Robert Hoffman
  4. Nicole Hoar
  5. Brian Faughnan
  6. Lisa Marie Young

Year 2003

  1. Marilynne Neill
  2. Dante Ponzanetti
  3. Greg Cyr
  4. Joseph Purdy
  5. Barbara Lanes
  6. Belinda Cameron
  7. Patrick Cottrell
  8. Kevin Siluch
  9. Richard Deren
  10. Tamara Chipman
  11. Mary George
  12. Ashleigh Pettman
  13. Rhody Lake

Year 2006

  1. Julie Parker
  2. Randy Peal
  3. Munny Sidhu
  4. Brandyn Dirienzo
  5. Gaganpreet Sandhar
  6. Shirley Clenthroe
  7. Aaron Derbyshire
  8. Michael Bosma
  9. Brittany Stalman

Year 2007

  1. Desmon Peter
  2. Alicia Brignall
  3. Candace Shpeley
  4. Migel Goncalves
  5. Darreld Rayner
  6. Irvin Mitchell
  7. Karen Batke
  8. Asim Chaudhry
  9. Katelyn Noble
  10. David Bone
  11. Ronald Carlow
  12. Lucas Degerness
  13. Kyle McDonald
  14. Brian Braumberger
  15. Jeffrey Surtel

Year 2008

  1. Ira Chidlow
  2. Gary Bone
  3. Cedric Smith
  4. Anthony Lee
  5. Richard Tamassy
  6. Derek Kelly
  7. Wade Mackenzie
  8. Michael Scullian
  9. Sahil Sharma
  10. Kelen McElwee

Year 2009

  1. Robert Slaughter
  2. Jim Neufeld
  3. Gregory Schleen
  4. Peter Warner
  5. Geoff Meisner
  6. Yashpal Mehay
  7. Jon Preece
  8. Wesley Foulds
  9. Kousounesavath Homsavath
  10. Pierre Parkinson
  11. Jodi Henrickson
  12. Tyler Walton

Year 2010

  1. Jonathon Jette & Rachel Bagnel
  2. Brian Martin
  3. Cole Barr
  4. Riley Glenn
  5. Adam Myers
  6. Charles Mackie
  7. Newton Pilkey
  8. Michael Parkhurst
  9. Tyler Wright
  10. Autumn Mackillop
  11. Donald Renz
  12. Michelle DuRocher
  13. Maria Marin
  14. Christopher Meriwether
  15. Shawn McLaughlin
  16. Abigail Andrews
  17. Sarabjit Johal
  18. Norman Quigley
  19. Dietmar Faeth
  20. Josh Bowe
  21. Ramanjot Brar
  22. Melanie Thompson
  23. David Haywood
  24. Terrance Clark
  25. Lyle & Marie McCann
  26. Justin Guenette
  27. Owen Rooney
  28. Sharon Dawson

Year 2011

  1. Timothy Holland
  2. Linda Hill
  3. Demetrios Rokanas
  4. Matthew Huszar
  5. Harvey Knippshild
  6. Ivan Vissers
  7. Allanna Tatchell
  8. Rory McGillvary
  9. Brian Mbaruk
  10. Randy Nelson
  11. Katelin Renaud
  12. Geraldine Devlin
  13. Mandeep Bal
  14. Lee Lamb
  15. Barry Hinchcliffe
  16. Mitchell Gallivan
  17. Gordon Powell
  18. Dennis Bastillo
  19. Tyler Fetterly
  20. Gerald Sheppard
  21. Gary Orgil
  22. Julian Gordziejewski
  23. Jafar Imanpour
  24. John Fadden
  25. Kevin Kennedy
  26. Nathan Poelzer
  27. Angeline Pete
  28. David Cox
  29. Dale Disimone
  30. Ralph Cambridge
  31. So Huy Tran
  32. Leonardo Cheong
  33. Orlando Graham
  34. Darcy Turner
  35. Lori Bensen
  36. Darin Jasen
  37. Madison Scott
  38. Cynthia Dupont
  39. Linda Stephen
  40. Anita Richard
  41. Stephen Begg
  42. Shawn McDonald