Dean MORRISON, 44, Missing October 22, 2013, Merritt, BC

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DeanDean was last seen at his job outside of Merritt BC on October 22, 2013. Dean had contacted a towing company to report he had car trouble but when the tow truck arrived he missing but all his possession were left behind. Dean`s family advise Dean has three children he adores and he has never gone missing before. RCMP conducted an air search on October 31, 2013 but were unable to find any evidence
Family and friends organized a search on November 16, 2013 for Dean and received permission from the surrounding ranch to search for any clues to the disappearance of Dean.

Needless to say Deans family and friends are desperate for some answers.


Ridiculous Amount of Missing People in BC


May they all come homeI know it has been few months since I posted the new missing people of BC  on this blog but I am stunned at how many missing people there are to catch up on. To the point of ridiculousness!! Not sure if that is a real word but it sure sums it up! I have been posting the missing people on the Facebook page Missing People of BC daily for the past few years and someday there can be two or more people who go missing just in BC alone. I follow Missing People of Canada and it is amazing how many people from all walks of life that are missing across Canada! Thousands of people and each one of those people have someone who is desperate for answers to their disappearance. Thankfully most missing people are found safe within the first week of being reported missing.
Some people still think you have to wait 24 or 48 hours before you can report a missing adult. This is not true! Report a missing loved one as soon as you realize they are missing. Once you have reported them missing to the RCMP or your local police get the file number and contact the many missing persons sites that are on Social Media such a Facebook. This is a great way to get the public to be aware of your missing loved one. The more you get the news about your missing loved one in the pubic view the better chance you have of locating them. The first few days are the most important and details about where and how they went missing need to be known. I can’t stress enough how important it is to keep notes as soon as you realize your loved one is missing. If the hours turn into days you start to become very scattered and can forget little details that could be very important.

I am glad to see that they are focusing on some of the older cases of Missing Persons…trust me it’s not old for the family with a Missing Loved One. A person has no idea what a nightmare it is to have someone you care about go missing….until it happens.

Lucas Degernes, 14, Missing from Prince George, BC, June 2007 – Could be in the Lower Mainland Area


Gina Degerness has been searching frantically for Lucas since he went missing from Prince George more than five years ago. Like most family and friends with a missing loved one Gina has been using the social media, including Facebook, to get the word out about her missing son. A month after the five-year anniversary of Lucas’s disappearance there was tip on Facebook and Gina immediately followed up on the tip that lead her to Gas Town, downtown Vancouver. Gina has been handing out missing posters to thousands of people asking if they have seen her missing son. Gina says that many people say they recognize his picture and several people have called Lucas by the nickname “Skywalker”. Gina was very excited to hear the nickname because neither the family or RCMP released the nickname to the public.

When you have a missing child you are continually searching every waking moment and to finally get a tip that seems very positive is the best news for any parent! Gina says this is the first tip in five years but unfortunately the tip has turned out to be a false lead although Gina believes her son is somewhere in the Lower Mainland. The hard part for any family is knowing that you can’t physically search forever, although your heart and mind are searching every second of every day.

Lucas is pictured at the age of 14 when he went missing and aged enhanced picture at age 19. If anyone knows anything, sometimes even the smallest tip can give the RCMP the information they need, please contact the RCMP or  Crime Stoppers if you want to remain anonymous.

Thoughts are with Gina and her family as they continue in their search for Lucas…

David Fortin, 16, Missing February 10, 2009, Quebec Spotted in Richmond BC Janaury 31, 2012

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David has been missing from his home in Alma, Quebec since 2009, when he was 14 years old! David’s family has been searching frantically for him since and believe he ran away because he was being bullied in school. The Surete Du Quebec has been investigating David’s disappearance and recently had a tip that he was seen at the Richmond Super Store apparently playing his guitar for money. I hope this young man and his family can be reunited soon!



Skull found Tuesday November 29, 2011, Aldergrove, BC

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A couple of BC Hydro employees made a grizzly discovery on Tuesday November 29, 2011 in Aldergrove BC. While pruning some trees on land that is owned by the Department of National defense the employees found a human skull. The age of the skull is unknown at this time and the area is now being searched for further remains and evidence.

UPDATE: It has now been determined that the skull is that of a male and had been on the property for more than a year. Wonder when we hear if it has been identified. There are so many Missing Men of BC…..Is it one of them? Again a DNA Data Bank for the Missing People of Canada would help in a situation like this!



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